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Cameron Crozier - Professional Mountain Biker

We managed to catch up with professional mountain biker, Cameron Crozier, and find out more about his life behind bars (handlebars that is).

On starting mountain biking 

So I first got into mountain biking when I was 9 years old over at my local woods, called Danbury Common. This was where I first found my passion for the sport! Meaning I have been riding bikes for 12 years now.. wow that makes me feel old.. But I enjoy it as much as I did when I first picked up a bike to this day now! The sport is constantly growing as well, which is awesome!

On his toughest moments 

This to me is quite a hard question, because there are people out there that have had some bad injuries that are holding them back. I’ve been quite lucky in the past compared to some riders! I have never broken a bone ( touch wood ) But I have knocked myself out a couple times in the past! Once being at the Excel Centre in London at a contest, I front flipped one of the jumps and I cased the Landing and bucked straight to my face, since then I normally compete in a full face helmet which also gives me a lot more confidence when riding! 

On his role models

I don’t think I have an individual role model or a person I look up to as such.. If I see someone succeeding in something whether its mountain biking or skiing, anything.. I thrive off that meaning that motivates me even more to push what I love doing! But one of my favourite mountain bikers is probably Matt Jones!


On what keeps him motivated 

Filming videos, uploading weekly content and getting good feedback from kids really motivates me to keep pushing! But I love getting home from a good days riding and then sitting on my laptop all night editing a video! To Then getting good responses just makes me want to do it again but better it!

One piece of advice

Im still trying to find that successful path now.. But what I have learnt is, if you enjoy what you're doing that will only make it easier!

On his long term goal 

My long term goal is to travel the world with my bike and to make sure I’m smiling the whole way while doing as such, as well as filming all sorts of content to document!  

Bullion pair of choice

Black Milan's!

We wish him all the best in the future from everyone at Bullion Eyewear. Go check out Cameron's instagram page: @cam_mt and YouTube channel