raising the bar

Built on the principles of pushing boundaries and raising the bar, Bullion is changing the way fashion-conscious men think about designer eyewear. Not bound by convention, we're redefining an overpriced, mass-produced market with a range of sunglasses as individual and original as you.

mens polarised sunglasses

designed to look good, made to last

We're proud to be shaking the market up with our range of men's luxury sunglasses and market-challenging prices. Inspiring individuals to not only look good and feel great, but to raise the bar in their own lives, be that work, family or social.

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We champion the trendsetters, the livewires and high-flyers willing to challenge the status quo on the belief that style can still leave you with money in your pocket. This is the lens through which we view the world, so if you're not one for following the crowd, join the Bullion community.

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