In the summer of 2018 with holidays on the horizon I set out to update my wardrobe. Like most people, the excitement of a holiday means new outfits and accessories. This was when I came to the challenge of choosing a new pair of sunglasses. I wanted a high quality pair that was going to last but found this hard to come by unless I was willing to pay top end prices.

This is where the idea of Bullion Eyewear was born, with the aim of creating a brand to disrupt the industry and give consumers quality and iconic designs but at an accessible price. Blood, sweat and tears has gone into ensuring every last detail is flawless in the debut collection. The standout feature is the iconic bar fitted to all pairs. Inspired by those who don’t just dream of success, they make it happen. The slogan of the brand ’Raising the Bar’ encapsulates this go get it attitude and the desire of the brand to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.