Finding The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Choosing new sunglasses or glasses isn't always as straight forward as people might think. You want to try and choose a style that compliments your face shape rather than accentuates it. Although you might not necessarily fit into one category this should help you understand the basics. Luckily with Bullion you have free returns on all UK orders so you can always try them out at home if you aren't sure!


Round Face

We would avoid circle/round frames as this might accentuate your round face. We would recommend aviators or rectangular frames. Check out the Ohio's or Milan's.


 Oval Face

This is the most verstile face shape. You will find most sunglasses styles should fit your face. Shop all sunglasses.


Triangle Face

Triangular faces have wider forehead and cheek bones moving down to a small chin. You are best trying to get sunglasses that contrast this. A rounded pair like the Havana's would do just that.


Square Face

With a square face it's best to try and find a frame with more rounded corners. Like a circle or aviator frame. Check out the Havana's and Ohio's.

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