What Are Blue Light Filter Glasses?

With our time in front of a screen forever increasing, from working on a computer all day to browsing Instagram of an evening. There are growing concerns surrounding the affects the blue light rays being emitted from these screens are having on our eyes. 

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light on the UV spectrum are the shortest waves and highest energy. Often described as high-energy visible light. During the day there is an abundance of natural blue light waves from the sun which make us feel awake. So when the sun sets, blue light is reduced setting us up for a good night of sleep. This is all part of the circadian rhythm, which is the natural internal process for the sleep-wake cycle. However, being exposed to long periods of artificial blue light from computer/phone can disrupt this. 

Is Blue Light Bad For You?

As the brain processes blue light as the day time if you are looking at screens/devices late in the evening it can trick your brain and therefore can throw off your sleep cycle.  For some people, blue light filter lenses can help reduce eye strain and migraines when they are spending long periods in front of a screen.

Blue light filter glasses

Do Blue Light Glasses Help?

Blue light glasses block a high percentage of blue light rays from entering your eyes from your computer or device. This in turn should help reduce eye strain and sleeplessness. If you are spending long hours in front of a screen, especially later on in the evening, we would recommend investing in a pair of blue light glasses. 


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