Why Choose Polarised Lenses?

When looking for new sunglasses you will notice there are options to have polarised or non-polarised lenses. Generally speaking sunglasses with polarised lenses tend to cost more, so are they worth it? 

How Polarised Lenses Work

During manufacture, a special chemical is applied to the lenses to polarise it. The chemical is laminated in a vertical pattern, which reorganises light. This pattern blocks the light that is horizontal. Horizontal light comes from light that is reflected off a flat surface such as water, snow and roads. So this unique filter in polarised lenses block out the intense glare that follows and allowing only vertical light to enter your eye.

Why Choose Polarised Lenses

The main benefits of polarised lenses are:

  • Reduces glare
  • Increase visual clarity
  • Consistent performance in varying light
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Enhance contrast

Overall it's mainly just positives for polarised lenses. The only draw back will be it makes it a little bit more difficult to look a LCD screens such as a computer screen or your phone. But you could definitely just take them off to look at your phone and then back on once you are done! 

Bullion Polarised Lenses

All Bullion sunglasses are fitted with polarised lenses to ensure you are always protected! View our full range of sunglasses now.